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About Us

We established Fokus Berita Business Consulting to effect change.

  • We are genuinely UNIQUE due to the fact that we provide superior quality and expertise to organisations who would not otherwise receive them.
  • We believe everyone deserves access to top-quality consulting, and the benefits that brings, at a fair price.
  • We mix new thinking with tried-and-true business practises to propel your organisation to the next level.
  • Regardless of your size, we have something for you.


Improving The Lives Of The People

Our mission is straightforward: to enhance the lives of all individuals who interact with Fokus Berita Business Consulting. What we do as a company is intended to improve the lives of our clients, our workers, our suppliers, and the charitable organisations we support.

Lila Corrigan

Co-founder And Owner

Robert Willis

Co-founder And Owner

Reviews From Our Satisfied Clients.

We believe in hard work and we don’t cut corners. We respect our clients and take responsibility for moving their belongings with great care.

"We grew a new revenue stream 600% using Fokus Berita. They helped me identify and exploit problems. Fokus is a top-notch business coach, counsellor, and consultant (three separate roles)."

Courtney Dennis

"Focus Berita helped us write strategy documents for three company sectors over two years. Alan provided great counsel and support throughout the process. As the documents took shape, Fokus Berita helped us tie the project together to obtain the best results for our firm."