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Privacy policy

The information that is presented here is relevant to those individuals who obtain services from us or who are interested in doing so.

Data Controller

The personal information you supply to us will be managed by Fokus Berita Business Consulting Limited, which has the role of Data Controller.

Categories of Individual Information That Are Handled

The categories of personally identifiable information that are processed will change based on the data that we need to process in order to provide you with the service(s) that you have requested and in line with the conditions of our engagement with you. It’s possible that we’ll have to handle “personal data” in the sense that the term is used in Section 3(2) of the Data Protection Act 2018 as well as “special category personal data” in the sense that the term is used in Article 9(1) of the GDPR.

Subjects of the Data Divided Into Categories

You, yourself, as the data subject, and the data of any other data subjects whose information you supply to us in connection with the provision of the services will be included among the categories of data subjects.

The following types of information could be included in the data, although this is not an exhaustive list:

Name, address, date of birth, telephone number, and email address are examples of demographic information.

Employer, job title, assets, and income are all part of the financial picture.

In terms of socialising and accomplishments

The Existence of a Legal Foundation for Data Processing

As the “Data Controller” for the personal data that we gather from you, we have determined a number of different legal basis on which to carry out the operations that fall under the umbrella of “processing.” According to the GDPR, they are defined as:

Entry into the contract and performance: Before we can begin working with you as a client, we are obliged by law to take certain measures, such as confirming your identification. In order to fulfil our obligations under the contract, we have completed these processes. For this reason, we need certain personal information from you in order to proceed. In order for us to continue providing the service(s) you have requested from us over the course of our engagement with you, we are required to continue processing personal data about you.

  • Consent: When you provide us your personal data and ask us to offer you with certain services, you are giving us your permission to use your personal data for the reasons listed above and giving us your consent to do so.
  • Our legitimate interests: We may also use your personal data on the basis of our own legitimate interests, including in the delivery, promotion, and development of our services, as well as in assessing our performance and defending ourselves against claims. Among the activities that promote our services is marketing, from which you have the option to opt out at any time.
  • Legal duties: When such obligations emerge, we shall, to the extent that it is practicable without infringing any other responsibility we owe to those services, inform you of our plan to handle your data for their purposes. This will be done in the event that such obligations arise.

In the event that we require special category personal data from you, we shall inquire as to whether or not we have your consent to process such data. It is possible that we will be unable to offer part or all of our services to you if you are unwilling to supply us with certain data, and we will make sure that you are aware of this possibility.

Time Required for the Process

Personal information will be processed by us for as long as you request us to do so and in line with our professional, legal, and legislative rights and/or duties, as applicable. When we no longer provide services to you, we will continue to save your information in compliance with both our company policies and any applicable laws or regulations.

Utilization of Third-Party Processors

The utilisation of sub-processors may be required in order for us to successfully supply our services.

All auxiliary service providers do not interact directly with the data of individuals; rather, they just offer safe storage options for the data that we handle. Sub-processors and auxiliary suppliers are not permitted to use an individual’s personal data for their own purposes, unless we have otherwise specifically agreed to terms with them.

Transfers of Information and Collaboration

We will not disclose or transfer any data without first obtaining your explicit and written consent, and we will only do so for the purposes that have been mutually agreed upon.

Marketing emails

Some of our promotional emails may contain tracking technology that allow us know whether or not you have opened, read, or deleted the message, as well as how you have interacted with any links that may have been featured in the email. In accordance with our cookies policy, when you click on a link that we have provided for you in a marketing email that you have received from us, we may additionally use cookies to track what pages you see. Emails that are specifically addressed to you from our company may contain further data privacy information, as required by any applicable privacy laws.

Adjustments to be made to this Statement

We strongly suggest that you review this statement on a frequent basis in order to ensure that you continue to be satisfied with the activities we carry out in regard to the processing of personal data.