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Powerful Conversation Is Decided by the Success Accomplished

“So You Feel You Can Talk, huh? “Dilemma: What do these 3 statements have in typical? 1. “What do you mean, he did not fully grasp? I’ve informed him the similar matter at minimum a thousand times! There are several folks who can demonstrate troubles as evidently as I do.” 2. “You are heading to […]

Critical Success Factors for a Vibrant SME Sector in the UK and Malawi

Introduction About Malawi The Republic of Malawi is a landlocked country in southeast Africa. It is separated from Tanzania and Mozambique by Lake Malawi. Malawi has eleven ethnic groups; the official languages are English and Chichewa, with other regional dialects spoken. Malawi is currently ranked 164 out of 177 on the Human Development Index, is […]